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[one_half]The typical website would include the following regular pages as a minimum for an effective website.

Home | About us | Products/Services | Contact

Beyond these features, different businesses have different requirements. Restaurants and Hotels may need a bookings calendar, a Club website may need members access to update their membership or have access to members-only information. A business within the Tourism Industry such as a Holiday Rental may need a currency converter, a weather guide and other relevant links.

Slick Features are those added gems that make your website unique and add value to your online business. Some of our packages already include Slick Features – but you can add as many as you need and design an optimum mix and match.


[one_half_last]Here are a selection of our most popular features;

Email Newsletters/subscriptions

Build a database of your websites visitors and email them frequent newsletters to encourage return visits.

Search Engine Features

• All in one Search Engine Optimiser.
A highly effective, plugin to optimise your website for all the top search engines.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics provides highly advanced website tracking and management information free of charge. This plug-in is designed for the non-technical user. It gives you useful data on the quantity of visits to your sites, down to the tracking to specific pages. It takes the guesswork out of understanding the performance of your site on a daily basis.
Google XML Sitemaps
Generates a XML-compliant sitemap, which means this feature is supported by Ask.com, Google, YAHOO and MSN Search

Calendars & Time Management Features

Events Calendar
Keep track of your events or online bookings with this stylish and fully functional online calendar.
Events Manager
With Events Manager you can plan and publish your tour, or let people reserve spaces for your regular and scheduled events. Supports recurring events, venues information, RSVP responses and maps.
World Clocks
World times displayed anywhere. Useful for companies doing business overseas.

Photos & Gallery Features

Slideshow & Gallery
A fully integrated gallery and automatic slideshow with easy to manage tools. For displaying photos and images that add value to your presentation, such as slideshow of dishes if you are a restaurant or of homes if you are a builder.
Featured Content Gallery
Used to create a customizable rotating image gallery anywhere within your site. Useful for displaying your photos and images on a prominent but limited spot a few at a time. This can be used to rotate the gallery on a spot within the homepage.
Smart YouTube
Allows you to easily insert YouTube videos (including your own ad) in your post, comments and in your RSS feed.

Social Network Features

Add links to 99 of the top social engines including Facebook and Twitter, and add email and print buttons.
Lifestream displays your social feeds and activity from many social sites. Includes support to display your Flickr photos, Facebook feed, Friendster feed, Youtube videos, Twitter updates, any other RSS feed, from your other blogs, etc.

Advertising Features

AdSense Manager
Lets you add Google AdSense, Yahoo, AdBrite, among other ads, to your sidebar or anywhere else on your site.

Security Features

Simple Members Area
Lock some of your pages down with a members only section
Membership Site
Build Membership Site allowing up to 4 levels of membership. It supports Recurring Paypal payments and affiliates programmes, optimized for SEO.

Cool Miscellaneous Features

3D Tag cloud
WP-Cumulus displays your tags and/or categories in 3D by placing them on a rotating sphere. Cool!
iPhone Theme
Automatically transform your website into an iPhone application-style theme, complete with ajax loading articles and effects.
Global Translator
Automatically translates your blog in 34 different languages! Olé!
Google Maps
Get all the goodies of Google maps onto your contact page.
Need a quick vote on something? Yes. No. maybe. You need the Poll feature.
Star Ratings
Allows your readers to vote on how they liked your article. You can also display your highest or lowest voted posts on your sidebar.
Gift Certificates
Create gift certificates for downloading.
Paypal button
Add a simple Paypal button for quick individual purchases without the use of a shopping cart. Add a donations link or a subscription.
Come rain or shine -your website will forecast it.
Currency Converter
Link up to the current exchange rates.